Friday, August 22, 2014

Robin Williams

In the early '90s we took my young in-laws who were visiting from the middle west to
the Fog City Diner, which at the time was one of the new, hot restaurants in San Francisco.  We had been married only a few years and were excited to share the vibrancy of our great town.

She ordered "a glass of white zin please," even though a disclaimer at the bottom of the wine list stated "White Zinfandel...Don't Even Ask!"  It was that kind of place :).

When the door swung open all four of us looked towards the nearby hostess stand,
each recognizing a different face.
Jackson Browne, Darryl Hannah, Bobcat Goldthwait and Robin Williams.
We were a stammering chorus of "It's...It's...."

Of course we told the visitors that is was a common occurrence...just another night in The City.

I know it doesn't count as a meeting...maybe not even a connection...but it's what I've got.

Some years later D- had the opportunity to work with Robin several times.
He echoes the sentiment of many others...
"The guy was always on.  What you saw on the stage or on TV was what he was like in "real life," during every moment.  Pure energy."

I've been feeling exceptionally weepy this week...probably assault of the hormones.
Took some time this afternoon to watch
David Letterman Remembers Robin Williams on YouTube.

It felt good to let the tears flow.

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