Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lessons from Mom

When we were home at my Mom's over the Christmas holiday, I saw her do something that released a flood of memories...

Simple.  After she took the baked breakfast strata from the oven...she left the oven door ajar.  To take advantage of the remaining heat of the oven...after it was turned off.  To help heat the kitchen. 

At that moment I remembered her many frugal household techniques.  So many things that were necessary during the lean times.

Using leftover heat from the oven shouldn't only be done out of necessity.  We should always be looking for ways to get more from our take full advantage of what we have...

If  I only have one small item to cook, I figure out how to use the stove instead of the oven.  If I'm using the oven...I try to cook more than I need.  If I'm firing up the grill outside, I grill everything in the house...even dessert. 

Cut ripe nectarines in half...remove the pit...paint the cut side with melted butter...sprinkle with sugar...put cut side down on the dying embers of the grill.  Don't worry if some of the remaining savory flavors come along for the ride.

During times of plenty our mindset should still be one of efficiency and conservation.  We will realize the value in what we have...and be better for it.

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