Friday, February 4, 2011

Here You Go

...This is my blog.

I considered writing a journal.  But why write something and stick it in a drawer?

I want to communicate interesting tidbits, theories, pass along facts and anecdotes. I want to expose people to new ideas...or give them incentive to act.

My friends and family are resigned to being bombarded with emails, links, recipes...a blog would give them relief.  They can come find out what I'm preaching today :)

But, there won't be any photos. 

That in itself could mean the end of the blog.  Photos are important.  My favorite blogs have fantastic photography and great graphics.  Blogs that use badly taken photos are quickly discarded...there isn't enough time in the day...

Unfortunately I don't enjoy taking and processing photos.  When traveling...with my camera...a feeling of resentment creeps in.  The camera gets in the way.  And photography has become so high tech.  Each year there's something new to learn...a Luddite doesn't stand a chance.

Of course this whole process is dynamic.  My plan could should...

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