Friday, February 25, 2011

Storebought Hummus

...usually disappoints.

I find them to be stiff, bland, gritty, stale, altogether yucky. 

Of course my preference would be to make hummus from scratch.  It's such a great food.  Comforting texture, bright flavors of lemon, garlic and good olive oil.  It goes with so many vegetables and is delicious on flatbreads and crackers.  Eating hummus evokes outdoor dining, a sparkling view and a glass of rosè :)

For the days when I don't have time to make hummus from scratch (most days), I am pleased to have found...

(No...that's not A Photo...I don't use photos)

Whole Foods Market Lemon Hummus

The great things about this product include the texture...very, very smooth and silky...the bright lemon flavor...a little Citric Acid in addition to the Lemon Juice helps...and the stale old garlic flavor, or worse yet garlic powder flavor.

It has Canola Oil (for once enough oil, keeping it from being dry and pasty) instead of Olive Oil, so go ahead and drizzle some good, fresh olive oil on top for flavor.

Don't be shy with ideas for additional toppings...smoked paprika, more lemon juice, zatar, herbs, cracked black pepper, Dukkah (we'll talk about that another time).

Get the spoon...

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